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Built-to-Order Cabinets in as Little as 5 Days

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Merillat Delivery Trucks

When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, there are a lot of variables that come into play. How will it look? How should it function? What brands do you select? The list goes on, but rest assured your designer will help you answer all these questions. When it comes to cabinetry, however, you’ll want to be sure that you select the best cabinetry for your space and budget, as well as for the timeframe of your project. Depending on whether you choose stock, custom, or from the many options in between (a broad category often referred to as semi-custom), it could take anywhere from 1 day to 12 weeks to receive your cabinet delivery – and that’s not including the time for installation. Knowing your budget, options and timeline upfront can help prepare you to make the best selection.

“Many big box retailers sell popular stock kitchen cabinets you can take home and have installed in a single day,” states Yahoo Voices. These cabinets are often most cost effective too, but can be very limited in terms of style and size options, making it difficult to install these cabinets in irregular size kitchens. This can be challenging for older homes, and sometimes end up costing more to modify the space to fit the cabinetry.

Custom cabinetry on the other hand is a great solution for irregular size spaces because the cabinets can be built to fit the specific space, rather than having to adjust the space to fit the cabinetry. “However custom cabinets are almost always more expensive and take longer to receive than stock cabinets. Some custom cabinetry can take 12 weeks to receive and install,” states Yahoo.

According to HGTV, “semi-custom cabinets really are the best option for homeowners looking for a little creative freedom and flexibility without spending the time and money on full customization. Modifications in door styles, interiors, hardware and accessories allow individualized looks with less lead-time than custom cabinets.”

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles Shipping in 5 DaysCabinet Doors Shipping in 10 Days
Merillat Cabinetry offers many built-to-order (or semi-custom) cabinet options, with our Merillat Classic® product line offering one of the fastest delivery times in the industry. In fact, many Merillat Classic cabinets ship from our factory in as little as 5 days from the time your order is received. In addition, the Merillat Classic product line allows you to build a space that works specifically for your needs and your life, with many options to choose from including Lazy Susans, roll out trays, waste basket cabinets, drawer organizers and so much more! With 9 different door styles in 15 unique finishes that ship in 5 days, 9 additional door styles in 34 finishes that ship in 10 days, decorative hardware, molding options, and multiple sizes to choose from – you’re sure to find the style that fits your space and budget, and a delivery time that will knock your socks off.


Merillat Cabinetry Delivery

Oak Cabinetry is Making a Comeback

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At Merillat Cabinetry, we believe the next big cabinet trend is the return of oak cabinetry. In fact, we’re so sure that we’re launching new options in oak this fall.

Dan Smith, our Director of Product Management, says that “Oak is gaining popularity again, and we wanted to introduce new products to meet this need. The new, darker colors available in oak add a richness and contrast to kitchens, especially when paired with a Shaker-style door.”

On November 12th, new door style Glen Arbor, and current door style Tolani, will be made available in oak, followed by the introduction of new colors Amaretto, Pecan and Kona in oak, on December 10th, 2013.

New Oak Cabinet Doors and ColorsAccording to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, 2012 Kitchen & Bath Style Report,“…a number of lesser-used woods are being specified more often, including oak, which is specified by twice as many designers now (22%) versus two years ago…”  It’s really no surprise. Oak is a heavy wood that is extremely durable, making it ideal for the everyday use, not to mention our designers have started to see oak return in new styles such as modern farmhouse, rustic industrial and contemporary trends.

Lori Lewandowski, our Manager of Design Services adds that “Even though we’ve continued to provide cabinetry options in oak, homeowners took a bit of a break from it, and it wasn’t a popular design choice for a while. However, oak cabinetry is gaining popularity again thanks to the resurgence of oak flooring, a true American favorite. Now, with so many new colors and options, oak is fresh and new again.”

If you like texture, the medium-fine grain in oak offers dramatic lines that play quite differently off each finish color – even on painted finishes this grain pattern is noticeable. The door style and finish selection can make an oak kitchen look and feel very different.  Consider the goals for your project and the look you want to achieve.

Tolani Kitchen Cabinets in Dark Oak Stain

Coming November 12, 2013… New Merillat Classic ® Tolani in Oak
Coming December 10, 2013… New Pecan and Amaretto Stain














For the rustic industrial look, incorporate metal hardware, stools and light fixtures to balance the natural cabinetry.

Mesa Oak Shaker Cabinetry Craftsman Kitchen

Merillat Masterpiece® Mesa in Oak Chocolate w/ Cocoa Glaze


With warmer stains, try balancing the color of the cabinetry with cool floors and accent tiles to make the design feel more current.

Tolani Oak kitchen cabinets with dark stain finisk color

Coming November 12, 2013… New Merillat Classic® Tolani in Oak
Coming December 10, 2013… New Kona Stain


















Oak’s wood grain comes through nicely in darker stains, which highlight the natural beauty of the wood in a contemporary way.

Merillat Masterpiece Breland Kitchen Cabinets in Oak Onyx Paint

Merillat Masterpiece® Breland in Oak Onyx Paint














For a dramatic effect, add a white countertop and some pops of color for eye catching contrast.

Coming November 12, 2013…   New Merillat Classic ® Cannonsburg in Maple (Cotton w/ Tuscan Glaze)  and Tolani in Oak

Coming November 12, 2013… New Merillat Classic ® Cannonsburg in Maple (Cotton w/ Tuscan Glaze)
New Merillat Classic ® Tolani in Oak
Coming December 10, 2013… New Kona Stain















If you like contrast, or like the look of darker cabinets but need to add some brightness to your kitchen, try pairing a darker oak cabinet with a painted white island. A white tile back-splash can tie it together seamlessly.


Renewing our identity.

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It all started with you – our loyal customers. With you, we embarked upon a journey to capture the spirit of our company and one of the greatest American success stories of Orville Merillat. We looked at his philosophies, our rich history, our quality products, and innovations such as our 5-day shipping service. What we realized is that Merillat has always been a company owned by the people who make it, who design with it, and who have it in their homes. We are all the community that makes up Merillat, and together we are changing for the better.

This is just the beginning. Please watch the video below to better understand our renewed brand.

Merillat.  We Are America's Cabinetmaker.

With our renewed vision, we took a look at our identity and decided to return to “America’s Cabinetmaker.” It’s who we are, and always have been.  Those who have worked with our brand will recognize the red “M”.  This too is a tribute to the rich history of the brand and symbolizes our desire to build upon the brand values established by our founder. 

We invite you to become a part of our renewed brand movement. It’s more than words. It’s a mind shift in how we approach everything we do. And a rededication to what matters most.

 We Are America’s Cabinetmaker.

 -Danielle, Director of Marketing, Merillat


5 Reasons to Love White Kitchens

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Many people believe the only color for the kitchen is white. They love the clean, fresh sanitary feel and the timeless, classic look. At Merillat, we love the versatility of white kitchen cabinets too.  We offer hues ranging from our bright Cotton finish to creamier shades like Chiffon, which give you flexibility to create a white kitchen that complements your unique style.

1. White Is Timeless

White kitchens won’t go out of style.  White cabinetry makes a kitchen feel clean, airy and bright – features that never go out of style.  Plus, white is the perfect background color for almost any other color. With white cabinets you can get colorful with the walls, floors, countertops, back splash and accessories in your kitchen.

Merillat Masterpiece Laredo Maple Dove White Cabinets

Merillat Masterpiece® Laredo in Maple Dove White













2. White is a Good Choice for Small Kitchens

White works well for small kitchens because it is light and bright; making the space appear larger.  This accounts for the white kitchen boom in apartments and cottage-style homes.

Merillat Classic Avenue Kitchen Cabinets with 5 piece drawer in Maple Chiffon with Tuscan Glaze

Merillat Classic® Avenue with 5 piece drawer in Maple Chiffon with Tuscan Glaze














3. White Gives You Flexibility

Temper an all-white kitchen with touches of other colors and textures. Incorporating white cabinets into your kitchen design will allow you to update the look of your kitchen without changing the cabinetry.  Repainting the walls or purchasing new accessories in a different color will create a whole new look.

Merillat Classic Tolani Maple Chiffon Cabinets

Merillat Classic® Tolani in Maple Chiffon













4. White Works in Contemporary Kitchens

Using white with a slab door style offers a sleek, clean look.  Pairing white cabinets with other white surfaces helps make a strong, contemporary statement in the kitchen.

Merillat Masterpiece Glencoe Laminate White Cabinets

Merillat Masterpiece® Glencoe in Laminate White














5. Selling Your Home? White Works

White is an excellent color for resale: It’s like a blank sheet of paper for prospective buyers.

Merillat Classic Bellingham Maple Cotton Cabinets

Merillat Classic® Bellingham in Maple Cotton













 -Nellie, Merillat Designer 


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Forming New Values for Universal Design

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The Merillat Classic collection is taking it to the next level by offering a number of Universal Design options that improve access and function throughout the home.  With these new universal options Merillat cabinets can provide ease-of-use and accessibility without sacrificing style or storage.

 Some key features to consider when designing a more accessible space are:

  • Custom removable base cabinets on caster wheels that can be easily removed to accommodate wheelchair access beneath countertops and sinks.
  • Adjustable-height countertop surfaces moved with an automatic lift.
  • Large cabinet drawer and door handles that are ergonomically friendly and easier to grasp.
  • In-drawer cutting board kits and roll-out trays to help keep must-have items within reach.
  • Raised appliance cabinets that help reduce the need for bending and heavy lifting.
  • Pull-out and roll-out drawers and shelves that make the most of storage space without the need to reach too far.
  • Raised cabinetry with deep toe kicks that provide easy wheelchair access to cabinets and countertops.

Merillat is all about making life in the kitchen and bath easier and our new Universal Design SKUs provide the options needed to support a stylish and independent lifestyle.

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Tips to Achieve the Rustic Industrial Look: Blend Rustic Cabinetry with Modern Metal Accents

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 Rustic industrial design has become one of the latest trends in the industry. It’s a blend of rustic wood, layered textures and industrial metals that all utilize the look of repurposed materials. The mix of natural beauty and urban metals has added a sophisticated edge to rustic design, making it more modern and interesting than ever before.

New Merillat Masterpiece products such as Rustic Maple and Rustic Cherry wood species, Vintage Patina finishes, Forged Metal inserts, wood knobs and Statuary Bronze hardware, all have the raw material appearance that fits into this trend. When creating a space with these products, try using a transparent finish to highlight the grain of the rustic cabinetry and balance that natural beauty with modern metal accents such as inserts, hardware, faucets and light fixtures. The metal accents will instantly sharpen the space, while the cabinetry will quickly soften it. Finding the right balance is a personal choice, but it’s an easy style to play with as everything is organic and blends together seamlessly.

Cimmaron Rustic Maple Kitchen

Cimmaron Rustic Maple Kitchen in Husk Stain


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Use Decorative Door Inserts to Add Character & Hide Storage

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 Decorative cabinet door inserts are a great way to add style to a space. While glass is always a nice option, you may also want to consider a more interesting alternative to add character and hide storage.

Many people love the look of transparent glass, but don’t want to keep their dishware organized to have it on display. Luckily, Merillat Masterpiece® is introducing a tasteful collection of decorative door insert options that conceal dishes in a stylish way. New painted wood panels, Antique Mirage Glass and Burlap Glass inserts were introduced on April 8, 2013.

When designing with these inserts, try incorporating them into the cabinets bordering the range, near the sink, or island, to highlight important areas of the room with a pop of color and interest. It’s an easy way to add personality without having to incorporate a contrasting door style or finish. When the proper balance of accents is achieved, you can accomplish a gorgeous design that’s uniquely yours. It’s a fun way to energize a space, and our new inserts allow you to do it easily.

Envy Wood Panel
New accent paint colors personalize a space and provide a custom look at a semi-custom price.

How to Pick the Best Kitchen Countertops

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Choosing your new countertop can be difficult with such a wide array of materials available.  The first step in countertop selection is to determine the function of that space and countertop. Will the countertop be used for food preparation, for a gathering space (such as a kitchen island area) or for a hard-working utility room or other workspace?  In addition to style and durability, affordability is also a factor.  Use the tips below to make an informed decision!

Natural Granite

If you’re looking to bring timeless elegance into your home, you should definitely choose Natural Granite countertops. Granite countertops are amazing because of the unique beauty of natural stone–no two pieces are exactly alike.  Natural granite should be periodically resealed to maintain its appearance, and you should limit exposure to highly acidic foods and other staining substances.

Natural Granite Countertops


Natural Quartz

As one of the most durable and non-porous surfaces available, quartz counters are a great choice for your kitchen.  Quartz counters are extremely heat resistant, and require cleaning with only mild soap and water to retain their brilliant surfaces.  Due to their dense and non-porous composition, quartz counters are highly resistant to bacteria, making them extremely safe for your family’s health.

Natural Quartz Countertops


Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops offer a wide range of colors and design and the option of building in unique molded features, such as sinks, backsplashes and drain boards.  A solid surface countertop offers extremely consistent color and high durability in a non-porous surface that is resistant to bacteria and stains and easy to keep clean.  Solid Surface countertops can scratch or scorch, but most damage can be repaired by a professional.

Solid Surface Countertops


Ceramic Tile

Choose ceramic tile countertops allow you to create your own custom designs!  Ceramic tile is also one of the more affordable options and simplest choice for DIY-ers.  But beware, although ceramic tile countertops are beautiful, they can easily scratch or chip and grout can easily stain.

Ceramic Tile Countertops


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel countertops are both beautiful and germ-resistant!  This is a great option if you are going for an industrial look in your kitchen.  Stainless Steel can show scratches, dents and fingerprints easily.  A matte finish can hide the damage better.

Stainless Steel Countertops



Wood countertops can be both functional and decorative and add a warm look to your kitchen.  If properly sealed, wood countertops are sanitary for chopping foods and heat-resistant.  Wood countertops require regular maintenance to maintain these properties. 

Wood Countertops



Laminate is one of the most affordable countertop options.  Due to improvements in printing technology laminates can even mimic the look of stone, wood or metal without the cost.  However, laminates can be damaged by knives or hot pans and the construction of laminate countertops only allows for the use of drop-in sinks.

Laminate Countertops


Balance grey finishes with warm floors and gold accents

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As many of you know, grey has become a trending neutral in interior design. Like blacks, browns, and taupes were over the last decade, grey has become the new neutral for 2013. On April 8th, Merillat Masterpiece® will be introducing a vast array of finishes that include many grey tones. Painted grey finishes such as Pebble Grey and Greyloft will be made available in many glaze, vintage, and new vintage patina options.

When designing with these finishes, try balancing the grey tones with warm floors and gold accents. As shown below, these new finishes pair nicely with the warm hardwoods, gold accent tiles and light fixtures. Achieving the proper balance between these warm and cool tones can give your design a sense of harmony that just feels right when you enter the room. It’s a fun and easy palette to work within, and our new products give you the tools to pull it off beautifully.

Merillat Masterpiece Temora Cherry Cabinets in New Vintage Pebble Grey Paint with Coconut Patina with Lucca Maple Cabinets in New Greyloft Paint

Be sure to come back to see all the new products coming from Merillat Masterpiece on April 8th.


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Summer Staples

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This is the final edition of a four-week seasonal series we’re doing about our new Cotton finish and Bellingham door style; highlighting ways to make a white, bright Merillat kitchen stay fresh no matter the season! Check out the fall, winter and spring posts, too!

Summer is time for picnics, beaches, lazy days and afternoons on the water, and beach accents are perfect against your white Merillat kitchen cabinets with Cotton finish on Bellingham. Next summer, plan to bring in a little of the sun and sand to your kitchen and make it feel like a coastal escape, whether or not you live on a coast.

Fill a vase with seashells and sand, add sunny yellow accents throughout the space or update an accent wall to bring a little of the beach home.

Another option is to try a nautical themed kitchen by adding navy accents and anchors (via framed art, towels or pewter ornaments). The contrast of the navy and white cabinets are a beautiful touch, and you might not ever want to change it out again!

How do you make your kitchen feel like summer?

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