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Kitchen Island or Peninsula? How to Choose

Posted by Merillat Marketing on 11/30/-0001

When it comes to kitchen planning and design, a big question is whether you want to include an island or peninsula. An island or peninsula can dramatically increase the storage space and work surface in your kitchen, but it also takes up some of the available square footage. So how do you decide what’s best for your new kitchen?

1. Understand the differences between an island and a peninsula.

An island is a freestanding workspace that is not connected to a wall, and usually sits near the center of the space. It breaks up a kitchen into work zones and offers storage, extra countertop space, and a cozy place to gather around the cook. A peninsula offers the versatility and space management of an island, but takes up less floor space because it is connected to a wall at one end.

Both islands and peninsulas can be large scale or small scale, can be installed with sinks and cooktops, and can be used for everything from rolling out pie crust and peeling vegetables to paying bills and eating breakfast.

2. Use online planning tools to visualize your options.

Merillat offers a number of planning tools designed to help you design your space. Our Work Triangle and Kitchen Layouts pages will help you think through your potential layout options in relation to the cooking, cleaning and food storage “work triangle.”  Our Island and Peninsula section includes inspirational photos showing variations on size, design style, and storage options. Our Start Your Floor Plan tool creates a sketch of your dimensions and layout that you can print. And our Step-by-Step Kitchen Planner saves all your favorite door styles and hardware, plus your input about your cooking style, whether you have pets in the kitchen and more, so you can print out a scrapbook of preferences and favorites to take to a designer.

3. Consult with a certified kitchen designer.

After you have done the research above, set up a consultation with a certified kitchen designer who can walk you through the decision process. A designer has the training to help you measure your space, make recommendations based on desires and your square footage, and help you design a space that’s both beautiful and functional.

Leave a comment and let us know if you found these tools useful in planning your dream kitchen!




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