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Can I Buy Merillat Cabinets Online?

Posted by Merillat Marketing on 11/30/-0001

Good question! In fact, this is one of the most frequent questions we get asked. The short answer is “no” but the long (and more helpful) answer is “here’s why” and “what you can get online.” Here’s the scoop.

Merillat cabinetry is sold through a nationwide network of dedicated cabinetry professionals and builders. Among the factors critical to the success of a pleasing design and a flawless installation are proper measurements, detailed mechanical specifications, and construction know-how. That’s why we sell our cabinets through professionals who have the skills and tools to design, order and install cabinetry with the utmost of accuracy. They are dedicated to helping you find the right solution for your home, whether you are remodeling an entire kitchen or replacing a few parts.

So instead of selling cabinetry online, our website is dedicated to providing (free) product brochures you can download and planning tools and photo galleries that will get you thinking about what goes into a successful kitchen or bathroom remodel.

That said, we do sell a limited number of accessories online that you can use to retrofit your existing cabinetry. Our drawer organizer kit, cutting board kit, spice tray insert, Lazy Susan revolving shelf kit, vanity hamper rollout, touch-up kits, and hardware are among the items available in the Shop section of our website.

For the rest, we encourage you to use our handy Find a Dealer tool to contact a skilled professional. Thanks for asking, and keep sending the great questions our way!




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