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Summer Staples

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This is the final edition of a four-week seasonal series we’re doing about our new Cotton finish and Bellingham door style; highlighting ways to make a white, bright Merillat kitchen stay fresh no matter the season! Check out the fall, winter and spring posts, too!

Summer is time for picnics, beaches, lazy days and afternoons on the water, and beach accents are perfect against your white Merillat kitchen cabinets with Cotton finish on Bellingham. Next summer, plan to bring in a little of the sun and sand to your kitchen and make it feel like a coastal escape, whether or not you live on a coast.

Fill a vase with seashells and sand, add sunny yellow accents throughout the space or update an accent wall to bring a little of the beach home.

Another option is to try a nautical themed kitchen by adding navy accents and anchors (via framed art, towels or pewter ornaments). The contrast of the navy and white cabinets are a beautiful touch, and you might not ever want to change it out again!

How do you make your kitchen feel like summer?

Spruce Up Spring!

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This is the third edition of a four-week seasonal series we’re doing about our new Cotton finish and Bellingham door style by highlighting ways to make a white, bright Merillat kitchen stay fresh no matter the season! Stay tuned for summer ideas in the coming weeks. Check out the fall and winter posts, too!

Align your white Merillat kitchen (Cotton finish on Bellingham) with the breeziness of spring and usher in a little color with pretty accents.  Put flowers, and fresh fruits and veggies from the farmer’s markets on display in big, colorful bowls.

Or be more daring! If you’re really in the mood for the kind of change spring brings, splash a new shade of paint on the wall. Consider the teal color of the table pictured here, or use cool pastels on an accent wall.

Spring is a great time for purples, yellows, greens and rose colors.

What would you do with a white kitchen for spring decorating?

Updating White Kitchens For The Holiday Season

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This is the second edition of a four-week seasonal series we’re doing about our new Cotton finish and Bellingham door style by highlighting ways to make a white, bright Merillat kitchen stay fresh no matter the season! Stay tuned for spring and summer ideas in the coming weeks. Check out last week’s post for fall ideas here!

With winter knocking at our doors, we’re dreaming about how we’ll update our white Merillat Bellingham kitchen in Cotton finish for the season. White in the kitchen is a standout trend and though it might seem most fitting during warmer months, a few little design touches make it perfect for winter, too.

  • Touches of red: To bring in a little holiday cheer; add red elements throughout the kitchen.
    • Try: Kitchen appliances (like mixers and blenders), chair slipcovers and framed art with red accents are all great choices.
  • Holiday accents: No matter which winter holiday you celebrate, bringing in tasteful seasonal décor adds a warm festive feeling.
    • Try: Glittery snowflake designs, pine tree branches in a colorful vase, pinecones and ribbon in clear tubes, and holly berries or mistletoe wreaths.
    • Try: Use metallic colors by adding a hint of sparkle with gold and silver accents. A centerpiece tube vase filled with metallic holiday ornaments or a silvery table runner plays up the shimmer of the winter season.
  • White kitchens look expensive when attention is paid to details like fabrics so try adding warm, lush textures.
    • Try: A bold off-white shag rug at the sink or under a table to accent the white, or try cowhide accents (framed or under furniture). Another option is to change out all accent towels for a bright, festive color like forest green.

What would you add to warm up a white kitchen for the holiday season?

Fall Accents and Accessories

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We are doing a four-week seasonal series about our new Cotton finish and Bellingham door style by highlighting ways to make a white, bright Merillat kitchen stay fresh no matter the season! Stay tuned for winter, spring and summer in the coming weeks.

We love decorating for fall, and with white cabinets for a backdrop like our new Cotton finish on Bellingham, we have more inspiration than ever! Here are a few things we like to add to our kitchens every year to celebrate the season:

Deep reds, golds, oranges and yellows are a perfect kitchen color palette during fall. Whether you include color with hand towels, floral arrangements, table runners, vases or appliances, these accents are sure to make your kitchen feel perfectly prepped for autumn days.

A few things to try:

  • Pumpkins and gourds are great fall accessories. Carved or not, they add a festive fall element.
  • Implement an arrangement of fall-colored spice candles on an antiqued tray.
  • If your kids bring home fall leaves in wax paper (an old grade-school tradition), try framing them in small, warm oak or walnut frames on an accent wall.

What are your favorite fall decorating traditions?

Merillat® Introduces New Products!

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This month, we’re expanding our Merillat Classic® line to include a new door style called Bellingham, a drawer front option, a new paint finish and more!

The new additions hit on major trends in home décor and kitchen renovations:

White kitchens: This growing trend serves as the perfect backdrop for future color updates and trends, accessories and furniture pieces! Our new Cotton finish pops nicely against popular wall colors and is accented easily with vases, island blocks and kitchen appliances and colorful accessories.

Form with function: Inspired by popular, modern design, the new Bellingham door style pairs great design and flexibility, creating balanced aesthetics for those who are both style- and budget-conscious.

Universal Design: Universal Design features accommodate multigenerational living with elements that fit seamlessly into kitchen plans. The new line includes a 5.5” toe kick, universal base table and universal Lazy Susan.

For more on these new products, click The products are available beginning November 19.

Unusual Uses for Everyday Kitchen Tools

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These days, there is a kitchen tool or gadget for every task imaginable. Instead of emptying your pockets on unnecessary tools, check out these suggestions on how to creatively use what you already have in your kitchen.

Image by Dinner Series

Ice cream scoop

This tool’s use extends far beyond scooping ice cream from the carton. If you have a smaller one, the tool is perfect for scooping cookie dough onto trays, making melon balls and more.

Muffin tins

Making a big batch of lemonade but worried the ice is going to melt too quickly and water it down? Make ice cubes (or lemonade cubes!) in a muffin tin instead! Not only is the shape fun, but the bigger pieces of ice won’t melt as quickly. When not in use, store muffin tins in a Merillat Classic® Base Roll-Out Tray Divider.

Contact cases

Heading on a camping trip or bringing food to a nearby BBQ? Instead of hauling all of your spices, put a little of each spice in clean contact cases (or even everyday vitamin organizers) and transport your items easily. And, store spices easily at home in a Merillat Classic® Base Pantry Roll-Out or a Merillat Masterpiece® Base Spice Drawer Insert.

Pizza cutter

A pizza cutter can be used for a lot more than slicing up hot slices of cheese and pepperoni! Use it to cut pancakes, spaghetti and many other foods.

What items do you use to creatively cut, chop, store or scoop while cooking? We’d love to hear about some of your favorite multi-use tools!

Seven Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space

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Photo found at


With summer right around the corner, there are many upcoming events to celebrate: Memorial Day, the first day of summer, the Fourth of July, birthdays and really, just beautiful weather! If you want to entertain guests but feel limited by a small living space, check out these helpful hints below. Because, as Apartment Therapy tells us, “Have lots of dinner parties. People socialize better in small spaces and social homes are better kept up.” Reason enough, right?

Prep Work

Getting ready for guests doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive—check out these ways to make the room work well and keep things budget-friendly.

  • Before your guests arrive, move furniture to the edges of the room to allow maximum movement for guests (She Knows).
  • Post a sign directing guests where to find mugs so they can help themselves to coffee. For other beverages, provide paper cups and a permanent marker—this way cups will hopefully be reused throughout the evening, cutting down on waste and maintaining your budget (She Knows).
  • Fill your kitchen sink with ice and store beverages there to free up space in the refrigerator for food and other items (She Knows).
  • Make the room temperature comfortable. Remember that even though your home may feel nice to you, it may be wise to adjust the thermostat or open windows prior to guests arriving to ensure a comfortable temperature throughout the party (Simply Stated).
  • Put things away! Even if that means putting a few things in a closet or under a bed temporarily, eliminate clutter while your guests are present (Simply Stated).
  • Make it clear where the garbage and recycling containers are located—this makes it easy for guests to dispose of items and makes cleanup easier for you following the party (Menuism). For a great trash solution, check out one of our Base Wastebaskets.


Worried about having enough space for people to sit? Be creative!

  • Make use of the living room! Place pillows or foot stools around a long coffee table, have guests sit on couches and pull in chairs from the dining room or kitchen. Then, use the kitchen table as a buffet where guests can serve themselves. This makes the meal casual and fun and keeps everyone in the same space (Apartment Therapy).

Most importantly? Remember to enjoy your party! Don’t get caught up in all the details and enjoy sharing your space with friends and family. For cabinet solutions, visit


Five Ways to Organize Your Bathroom Using What You Already Have

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In an effort to save money, conserve resources and keep your home put together, we found a few ways to get and keep your bathroom organized using everyday items that are already in your home.

Photo found at:

  1. Repurpose glass jars (mason jars, spaghetti sauce containers, etc.) to store items like cotton balls, bobby pins, hair ties, buttons and other miscellaneous items that often end up scattered throughout junk drawers and bathroom cabinets. A perk—colorful items, cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc. display nicely and can be grouped on bathroom counters for easy access or stored in closets and out-of-sight.
  2. Small crates or window boxes are the perfect size for storing items like extra towels and toilet paper in the bathroom. Plus, they add a little vintage vibe to the room.
  3. Choose a small glass or cup to store items like mascara, makeup brushes, toothbrushes or small pieces of jewelry—pretty for display or convenient for tucking into drawers and cabinets.
  4. Use an antique saucer or a small plate as a soap dish on your counter.
  5. In a rush to leave but hair tools and appliances are too hot to put away? Simply stick them inside an oven mitt and store them.

Need more than a few, quick fixes? Make sure to visit the Merillat Step-By-Step Bathroom Planner to start designing your dream bathroom today. For more organization solutions, check out

What are your best unconventional organization tips for the bathroom?

We Want to Hear About Your Morning Madness!

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We get it – mornings can be challenging! Whether it’s topsy turvy toiletries, drawer disorder or hamper headaches, we want to know what organization challenge makes your morning crazy.

Stop by our Morning Madness promotion on Facebook and enter for a chance to win a $500 VISA® gift card. You can enter once a day per Facebook account through May 16. You also can learn more about Merillat’s organization solutions featured at


Building Women Kitchen Remodel Tips

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Today’s homeowner demographic has shifted across gender lines, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors. In what may be a surprising statistic for some, “20 percent of all home buyers are single women” (Building Women, Winter 2012).

(Sarah Reep, Design Expert)

In an effort to call attention to these findings, Merillat cabinets and Masco Cabinetry (Merillat’s parent company) teamed up with Building Women magazine for the article titled, “What today’s woman wants from her kitchen and how builders can best deliver it” for the Winter 2012 issue. The tips below serve as a handy checklist for kitchen design remodels to ensure your wants are met in your home, and especially in your kitchen.

  1. Start Off on the Right Foot. First impressions are everything. Look for a designer who is professional and organized, and ready to help answer your questions.
  2. Kicking Things Off. After first impressions are made and you’ve chosen a designer, set up an interview with them to determine basic things like preferences, style, taste, trends and other fundamental elements you are looking for in the design.
  3. Prioritize. Then, define what the kitchen needs. Make a list of the “must-haves” and include things that will make your life easier and fit your lifestyle. Consider questions like: Would a double sink be helpful? Do I prefer to wash dishes at an island facing into the home or at a window so I can look out?
  4. Build the Roadmap. Next, commit your ideas to paper to ensure all communication is clear between both parties. Tools like the Merillat Kitchen Planner and the IdeaFolio can be helpful in completing this part of the process.
  5. Time to Focus. Finally, after all of the ideas and preferences are captured, narrow down the options into one solid final design plan.

Next step? Begin designing!