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First-Time Homeowner Remodeler’s Checklist

Posted by: Merillat Marketing on 01/30/2012 | Permalinks | Trackbacks

So, you’ve purchased your first home—how exciting! Now, it’s time to really make it yours, which means you might be doing some remodeling. As you make improvements and updates, keep in mind that remodeling doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Break the process down into a checklist and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can manage each project.

In February, home improvement expert Danny Lipford will start a new project to help first-time homeowners get a handle on home remodeling. The project will span six episodes of his television show, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford (check your local listings) and follows his daughter, Chelsea Lipford, as she remodels her first home. Danny and Chelsea will use with these five tips to navigate the remodeling process.

1. Assess the Space

Understand exactly what you have to work with in your space, and be realistic about the changes you can make. Learn tips and tricks to take advantage of useful resources that help you visualize the space’s potential.

2. Identify Your Style

Look through magazines, blogs, store catalogs and other visual resources to find things you like and capture them in a single location like the Merillat Ideafolio. This includes furniture, accessories, cabinetry and more.

3. Determine the Scope of the Project

Consider time line, budget and design needs when beginning a project.

  • Time line: As exciting as it is to start a project, keep in mind that the process takes time. You may have limited use in certain areas of your home until it’s finished.
  • Budget: Set one and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to spend more than the money you’ve allotted.
  • Make two lists: Make a list of “must haves” and a list of things that would be nice to eventually add. Focus on the “must haves,” and over time, add the other pieces to your design.

4. DIY vs. Professional

Certain projects can be completed on your own, but others should be left to professionals. If you aren’t an expert plumber, hire an expert to do it correctly. Hiring a designer can also be a very helpful resource, as he or she can help you figure out how to make your space work well and assist you in determining your personal style.

5. Make Time for Fun

Remember that this is an exciting time! Celebrate each step of the process, especially when the details become overwhelming. This is your house and you’re making it your own home!

The Kuppersmith home is complete…see Merillat® and DeNova™ in the final project!

Posted by: DannyLipford on 06/13/2011 | Permalinks | Trackbacks

Written by Danny Lipford, renowned contractor and host of Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford

It’s taken months and months of hard work, but I am pleased to say The Kuppersmith Project is complete and looking better than ever!  You have been able to witness the full transformation of this 1920s Tudor style house in Mobile, Ala. on my show, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford.  Now it is time to see the final reveal of the entire home, including the Merillat cabinetry and DeNova countertops used throughout the home.

As you know, at the start of the project the Kuppersmith home was a 1900-square foot home without central heating or air-conditioning, the plumbing and wiring were outdated and the kitchen and bathroom were small, outdated and needed to be completely redone.

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Merillat® Helps Consumers with Form and Function Needs

Posted by: Mark Johnson FAIA, Director of Architect Relations and Education, Merillat Cabinetry on 06/09/2011 | Permalinks | Trackbacks

Merillat®, along with Masco Cabinetry brands KraftMaid®, QualityCabinets™ and DeNova™, recently completed the GenShift™ 2011: Lifestages Redefining the Kitchen study to help design professionals better understand how the collision of social, economic and generational influences impact consumer design needs. Functional and efficient kitchen design can be challenging and the results of this industry study, along with our product knowledge, helps us better serve our customers’ needs.

The survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive®, polled 1,027 U.S. adult homeowners aged 18-65 years old about their generational influences and needs in a home.


We discovered some interesting things about homeowners across the country:

  1. Pets are a priority. 22% of homeowners aged 18-65 felt that a place for feeding pets is a top-three kitchen extra, compared with only 10% who felt they needed a space for wine storage.
  2. Remodeling may be the way to go. While 63% of Baby Boomer homeowners, aged 45-65, plan to stay in their current home over the next five to 10 years, 75% don’t feel that their current kitchen is universally designed to meet their needs.
  3. People are staying put. Gen X homeowners, aged 35-44, are staying put and nearly half (49%) think they will spend up to a decade in their current residence.
  4. The youngest generation is thinking ahead. 40% of Gen Y homeowners, aged 18-34, embrace the concept of multigenerational living and expect their parents will live with them in the future.

With this study as a guide, Merillat is continuing to help customers consider the best options for to meet their current and future needs in the kitchen.


Behind Every Great Design is a Great Designer

Posted by: Merillat Marketing on 05/31/2011 | Permalinks | Trackbacks

A kitchen is only as great as its design; therefore, a great kitchen requires a great designer. At Merillat, we’re creating rooms with intelligent design and remarkable quality. We recently asked current selected Merillat designers, at our first Designer’s Connection Symposium, to share their innovative ideas by showing us rooms they’ve created.

Sarah Reep speaks at the Dealer Symposium

Sarah Reep speaks at the Dealer Symposium

As part of that experience, Merillat designers discussed new design techniques that allow homeowners to see the intelligent and functional design of their new space. Participating designers also explored the many ways a kitchen can be designed to fit the everyday personality and way of life of clients.

With the help of a functional and innovative designer using Merillat cabinetry, you can design dream rooms for the real world. Merillat designers truly are great designers, but don’t take our word for it, meet our designers for yourself on our Facebook page and see how they’re making dream designs come to life!

The Cabinets are in and The Kuppersmith Project is Full Steam Ahead!

Posted by: Paul Radoy - Senior Designer on 03/16/2011 | Permalinks | Trackbacks

The “drop zone” in the Kuppersmith kitchen helps keep everything organized.

DropZoneWe’re making great headway at the Kuppersmith home.  When we started out, this 1920s house was very much a product of its era and in desperate need of some smart, 21st Century design improvements. Our goal was to use cabinetry to create designated storage spaces to bring more functionality and make living in the home easier for the family.  I’m pleased to report that the cabinets are in and we already see huge improvement in the overall design and functionality of the home.  Let me take you on a guided tour of sorts and explain the various cabinetry solutions Merillat has provided for specific areas of the house.

One of the first storage problems we noticed was the lack of a guest closet in the front entry.  We used Merillat Classic® Portrait with a five piece drawer door style in a Maple Chiffon finish to substitute for the missing closet and to create a functional space to hang coats and store shoes.  Since this space is next to the living room, the open wall shelves can also display decorative items and add to the aesthetics of the room.

From the living room, let’s move into the dining room. This room was also lacking sufficient storage space for dishes.  Instead of buying furniture we created two hutches for two corners of the room.  The Merillat Classic Somerton Hill door style in a Cherry Cider finish gives these hutches a furniture appeal detailed with crown molding.  The homeowners now have a space to store their dinnerware and can even put their china dishes in the glass display cabinets for all to see.

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21st Century Countertop Measuring

Posted by: Nick Ritota - DeNova Director of Marketing on 03/11/2011 | Permalinks | Trackbacks

StillfromVideocroppedIf you’ve ever experienced kitchen remodeling you know that scheduling all the installations takes surgical precision, and that even the smoothest-running remodeling will disrupt your home for weeks. The Kuppersmith Project – under the expert direction of Danny Lipford and his team – is a great example of the role  planning plays in  success.

At our company, we like to say that “every top has a bottom and every bottom has a top.” That allows us to match our cabinetry brands exclusively with our DeNova™ countertop brand.  In the Kuppersmith Project, we deployed our own process that uses laser, electronic data transfer and computer design to make countertop templating and fabrication easier, faster and more accurate. It replaces the tedious (and often inaccurate) paper, cardboard or plywood templating normally used to measure countertop spaces.  This can be used on both new construction or remodeling projects for measurements at the drywall or stud stage, or even when the cabinets are already in place.

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We’re LIVE! Tune In and See Merillat Cabinetry and DeNova Countertops In Danny Lipford’s Kuppersmith Project!

Posted by: Susan Cross, Communications and Public Relations Manager, Merillat Cabinetry on 02/03/2011 | Permalinks | Trackbacks

The Kuppersmith ProjectJoin me to watch Danny Lipford and his team take on the Kuppersmith Project, a remodel of a 1920s Tudor style house in Mobile, Ala.  This major renovation includes beautiful Merillat cabinetry and DeNova countertops in various rooms throughout the home.

The transformation of the house starts this week in a 13-part series on Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford.  In this series, Danny shows realistic approaches to remodeling while also addressing the top challenges average homeowners face in a remodel.  You’ll see practical ideas for remodeling your home. You’ll also see firsthand how Merillat Cabinetry and DeNova countertops are adding functionality and style in nine areas of the home.  Click here to find the show in your area!

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Merillat Was In the Spotlight at IBS!

Posted by: Susan Cross, Communications and Public Relations Manager, Merillat Cabinetry on 01/21/2011 | Permalinks | Trackbacks

To say last week was busy would be an understatement.  Why was it so busy? Merillat was one of the standout exhibitors at the largest building products trade show in the world, the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando.  During the event, which ran from January 12-14, we had a lot of fun showing off how Merillat makes life in the kitchen easier.

For example, with our three latest products in the innovation zone, passersby couldn’t resist stopping in to check out the CoreGuard™ Sink Base, a smart solution that helps keep cabinetry dry and clean, and CornerStore™, a solution to bring more storage and easy accessibility to the challenging corner cabinet area.  We also gave a sneak peek of a product that will be available later this year, the CoreGuardTM Vanity. Like the CoreGuard kitchen application, this bathroom vanity also has drawers made from a durable engineered polymer and helps protect cabinetry.

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Innovation Is On Its Way to Orlando for the International Builders’ Show

Posted by: Susan Cross, Communications and Public Relations Manager, Merillat Cabinetry on 01/11/2011 | Permalinks | Trackbacks

Merillat is gearing up for the International Builder’s Show (IBS) taking place from January 12-14 in Orlando! There are a lot of exciting things we’ll be sharing with the trade show visitors, but here are a few of our favorites:

Our revolutionary CoreGuard TM Sink Base was such a hit in the kitchen, we took it into the bathroom. The new CoreGuardTM Vanity addresses issues specific to the bathroom — like moisture build up, stains and spills. What makes CoreGuardTM Vanity so different? The ridges on the floor are spaced closer together to address the smaller sizes of bottles in the bathroom vs. the kitchen and the vanity comes with the option of either two drawers or a tilt-out tray.  This adds function, and since these are also made from engineered polymer, clean up is a breeze.

Making life in the kitchen easier is out top priorities, so Merillat has tackled one of the most challenging areas of the kitchen – the corner. The CornerStoreTM corner access cabinet is a smart solution that brings more storage and easy accessibility into corner cabinets. In comparison with the typical Lazy Susan, this corner base cabinet option features three full extension drawers, two pull-out pantry trays and is a new and dramatic styling interpretation for inside corners.

Lastly, new door style and finish options have been added to Merillat Masterpiece, our premier line of semi-custom cabinetry. Merillat Masterpiece Galina is an eye-catching transitional door that complements a variety of styles from a weekend cottage look, to coastal or country styles. The Merillat Masterpiece Lucca door style presents an option for homeowners who want an elegant look. The full-overlay door has a delicate pearl bead outlining its recessed center panel giving it a gentle highlight.  And we’re all about drama with new finishes including Rye, a soft warm brown; Vintage Onyx a deep painted black; and Vintage Cardinal, a vibrant painted red.

Be sure to watch for updates on the Round Table blog, as we’ll be filling you in on all the excitement after the show. 

Danny Lipford’s Biggest Project Kicks Off – and Merillat is a Part of It!

Posted by: Susan Cross, Communications and Public Relations Manager, Merillat Cabinetry on 12/16/2010 | Permalinks | Trackbacks
A "before" shot of the Kuppersmith House

A "before" shot of the Kuppersmith House

Danny Lipford has asked Merillat and DeNova to be a part of his biggest project to date—and we couldn’t be more excited!  This ambitious project is a top to bottom remodel of a 1920s Tutor style house in Mobile, Ala.  The Kuppersmith Project, named after the family who lived in the home for about 50 years, is a collaboration to remake the traditional American home.

The renovation will include a beautiful Merillat kitchen and bathrooms and features DeNova countertops.  In addition, Merillat will be featured in the home’s living room and laundry room.  The transformation of each room will be documented throughout a 13-part series on Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford; airing will start, the week of January 31, 2011.

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